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Your mood and mental health depend largely on the signals that your gut health sends to your brain.

Gut Health and Anxiety

Anxiety can take over your life and limit your potential; socially, personally, and professionally. It can make you avoid aspects of your life that are crucial for personal and professional growth.  While there are numerous reasons why anxiety surfaces in a person, gut health plays a vital role. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Eating a diet with a lot of fried, frozen, and fast foods can cause an imbalance in your …

FREE Discovery Call

The Discovery Call is a 30-minute phone-call designed to give you clarity and confidence on areas you want to grow. It’s also an opportunity to discover whether we are a good fit as coach and client, and to get a grasp on what coaching will offer you. In our breakthrough call, we’ll have more time to uncover what it is you REALLY, truly want, (often it’s different than you thought). We’ll go over some of …

Gut Health Protocol

If you are becoming more in tune with your digestive tract and how to improve it, you might be familiar with some gastrointestinal best practices. If you need some help, a great resource is The Gut Health Protocol – a book that goes into detail about paying attention to your overall GI tract health and applying principles to improve your overall well-being. Who Can Use Gut Health Protocol? If you suffer from small intestinal bacterial …

Can a Happy Gut Boost Your Energy Levels?

Happy Gut Boost And Energy Levels                  With the lifestyle we lead today, it is natural to suffer from low energy levels from time to time. Lifestyle choices that lead to lower energy levels include: eating fast foods and frozen foods, irregular sleep cycles, and environmental, professional, and personal stress. However, if you’re experiencing low energy levels pretty frequently, it is time you focus on finding its root …

How to Restore Gut Health

Do you find yourself wondering why you experience frequent bouts of upset stomach, weight fluctuations, changes in your complexion, intolerances to certain foods, and general fatigue or sluggishness? You might be experiencing poor gut health. We’ll discuss how to restore gut health and steps you can take toward feeling better overall. What is Gut Health? Gut health can mean and be defined as how your gastrointestinal (GI) tract functions and the balance of good and …

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