5 Day Holiday Energy Boost

5 Day Holiday Energy Boost

We can begin to feel the holidays are here/coming! It is a time to meet the people you love and rejoice in all that you have achieved this year. Keeping up on ways to remain energetic through the holidays will help ensure, protect and boost your energy levels during the season. It will rejuvenate your immune system and put you in less jeopardy of getting ill. In addition, it will give you a lift of endorphins. You will feel less hassled and more relaxed. Below are 5-day holiday energy boosters to do:

  1. Act with endurance. We assume we act because of the way we feel. Although we have that feeling because of the way we have acted. Outwit yourself into feeling active by moving faster, walking while you talk on the phone, and putting more liveliness into your voice.
  2. Create new fun and memorable experiences on a holiday sightseeing spree with loved ones and friends. Capture photos so you can easily recollect them and use as motivators throughout the year.
  3. Make a holiday playlist or switch on your radio to your preferred holiday music. Songs that trigger encouraging emotional recollections from your past, work best. Delight in the inspiring and friendly ambiances. For an extra boost, sing or dance along. Capture a wacky photo of yourself. The wackier, the better! Use it constantly each time you want a mood uplift.
  4. Generate time to sleep
    It is tiring and exhausting when you make an effort to do additional numerous activities into an already hectic day. You may find yourself going to sleep later and waking up earlier just to get everything finished. However, you will perhaps feel less energetic than you would’ve if you had gotten adequate sleep.
  5. Always be optimistic in all circumstances this holiday. Do not worry over the petty things or ‘sweat the small stuff’. If you try to find the negative, you will have a bad experience. If you seek the positive, you will have a good experience. The option is yours. Of course, it is worth searching for the good!

Deanna Estenson

Certified Master Transformational Health & Life Coach

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