Gratitude Journal




Gratitude is an emotion that comes from appreciation.

It’s an awareness, a thankfulness of the good
things in your life, in you and in the world around you. Gratitude is a powerful thing. It can turn any
negative into a positive. It can change how you feel inside. It can bring hope and happiness. It can
improve your health, your relationships, your career and so much more. It can literally transform your

So often in today’s society, the negative is sensationalized and the positive is ignored. You see it in the
news, in magazines and newspapers. You hear it in the grocery store, at work and even from family
and friends. All of this negativity can be overwhelming to the point of wearing a person down.
If you’re feeding into the negativity. If you’re focusing on the negative rather than the positive, you are
doing yourself a serious disservice. You are harming your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical
body. You could be straining your relationships, hurting your career and much more.
When you express gratitude, it diminishes the negativity in a powerful way. Studies show that practicing
gratitude leads to:
 A feeling of optimism, joy and satisfaction.
 Less stress, anxiety and depression.
 A strengthened immune system.
 Lower blood pressure.
 The ability to bounce back quicker after a traumatic event.
 Stronger relationships.
 A feeling of being connected to your community.
 Feeling less victimized by others or by life.
 Being able to recognize and appreciate what you have rather than what you don’t.
 You becoming more compassionate and empathetic.
 A better quality and more rewarding life.

Practicing gratitude changes your perspective on life.


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