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B. D.

Having a life coach helps keep you true to yourself and your goals for your own health.  Working with a coach makes focusing on the importance of keeping my stress, blood pressure and aches and pains down manageable with my heart disease.  I

found the extra motivation to care for myself

K. C.

You are a pleasure to work with, non-judgmental, easy to open up to.  You keep the program simple, easy and enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you and further growing my personal power.”                              

C. L.

Four weeks feels like it has gone by fast.  I’m really liking learning small new things every week and setting reasonable goals.  A very positive and embracing program.  I’m highly motivated, excited to meet and share each week.”   

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07 Oct

Why Am I So Tired When I Wake Up?

Posted by dlestenson66

One of the biggest problems we face as human beings today is that the limited time we have seems too less. It is, for this reason, we try to fit in everything we want to do, personally and professionally, by suffocating our day with various activities. It impacts our physical health negatively and stresses out
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23 Sep

Gut Health and Anxiety

Posted by dlestenson66

Anxiety can take over your life and limit your potential; socially, personally, and professionally. It can make you avoid aspects of your life that are crucial for personal and professional growth.  While there are numerous reasons why anxiety surfaces in a person, gut health plays a vital role. As the saying goes, you are what
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09 Sep

How to Lose Weight Over 50

Posted by dlestenson66

Losing weight after the age of 50 can be difficult. In your younger years, you could eat anything you wanted without worrying about gaining weight. But as you turn older, you start to gain weight no matter what you eat. Thus, there is a greater need to track what you are eating and take certain
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